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High-Converting templates for Medicare and Final Expense included!
The first ever platform built & customized to generate Medicare, Health, and Final Expense leads, manage follow up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, and so much more...
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"Love Doing Business With Them"

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Why the   Dialed In Platform   Is So Powerful To Manage Leads:
Managing leads from multiple sources like websites, landing pages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Lending Tree, Zillow or any others can be a pain when they are all running through Google Sheets or a clunky CRM that no one knows how to use.

You tell yourself or your team that you need to follow up with the leads within minutes, but the day to day activity of the business makes it impossible. The leads gets stale, and you start to wonder if the leads were bad.

That is where DialedIn comes in. We bring in all the leads AND automate all the follow up conversations immediately. It takes stress off the business in doing the initial conversations and they ONLY have to focus on the quality conversations. 

The business can continue running with a crappy follow up process...OR you can implement DialedIn to your hot-prospects and increase ROI and fix communications gap as fast as possible.

DialedIn Replaces the core functionality of all these softwares:
  • Lead Spreadsheets
  • Sly Broadcast
  • CRM
  • ​Active Campaign
  • ​Pipedrive
  • ​​MailChimp
  • ​ClickSend
  • ​Reputation (Google Reviews)
  • ​Calendly
  • ​ScheduleOnce
  • ​And More!
What Can DialedIn Do For You?
Generate Unlimited Qualified Leads
If you get leads from us, we'll deliver qualified leads and appointments to your system or you can connect any other lead source on the market to the system and let it do the automated outreach for you!

Manage Your Entire Sales Pipeline
Know where every prospect is at in the process from NEW LEAD to SALE MADE you'll be able to quickly and efficiently work your leads, access conversations, send message, create followup reminders, etc...
Automated Follow Up
With DialedIn Marketing, you'll be able to create (or use our) automated follow up campaigns to any Lead, Prospect or Client all in one central place.

Automatic Calling
When a Lead comes in, you can automatically push a phone call to the lead. 
Ringless Voicemail
Drop a Voicemail to any contact automatically using a pre-recorded message.
Full Messaging
Follow up with an automated SMS, Email, AND FB MESSENGER that can be scheduled at any pre-determined window.
Paired With An Intuitive   Mobile Application
Full Featured 
Appointment Management
Use the DialedIn calendar to receive pre-set Medicare, Health, or Final Expense appointments and automate appointment reminders and even no-show notifications! Embed this calendar on your websites, social pages, and advertising campaigns!
Our mission is to help Insurance Professionals increase their ROI on leads without adding more pressure and stress by automating the process.

With the flexibility and customization of the system, there is no reason that an insurance agency looking to scale should not be using DialedIn to close the gap on communication and 3-5X their revenue and pipeline values.